Bags of garbage

The photos of bags of garbage on this blog do not magically appear. I fill the garbage bag up in 15 min. to an hour and take the bag to be picked up by the city. Most garbage comes from little bits everywhere that add up to one large bag when collected into a group.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31, 2016

I cleaned at Cap St Jacques. At the North western picnic-campground shoreline, and at the farm shoreline.
Nature photo of the shoreline at the North West edge of the park.
One bag of garbage, a metal pole , a broken fishing rod and a broken white plastic chair. All was collected from the shoreline.
Nature photo of the lake of two mountains/river. The other side is Oka National park and Pointe Calumet with a touch of Ile Bizard on the right.
The garbage I cleaned up from the shoreline in the area of the nature photo.

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