Bags of garbage

The photos of bags of garbage on this blog do not magically appear. I fill the garbage bag up in 15 min. to an hour and take the bag to be picked up by the city. Most garbage comes from little bits everywhere that add up to one large bag when collected into a group.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23, 2016

I cleaned at Park Paquin. One bag of garbage was collected. This is the last time I will clean Park Paquin. The amount of bags of dog feces I find sickens and angers me, but the final straw was the oily water coming out of the city pumping station.
Nature photo

Nature photo with glass beer bottles

Beer bottles on the shoreline

Bags of dog feces I collected on the shoreline

This photo has eight bags of dogs feces, I found one more for a total of nine, when I was leaving.

City sewage water outlet

City sewage water outlet with oil coming out.

City sewage outlet with oil coming out and circled in red for those who can not see it.

The garbage I collected from the shoreline about to go into the city container.

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