Bags of garbage

The photos of bags of garbage on this blog do not magically appear. I fill the garbage bag up in 15 min. to an hour and take the bag to be picked up by the city. Most garbage comes from little bits everywhere that add up to one large bag when collected into a group.

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

I cleaned at Park Paquin. Some crazy person drops off a bunch of rotten food on the shoreline IN a plastic bag from time to time.
Nature photo of Canadian geese on the shoreline

Nature photo of Canadian geese on the shoreline zoomed in.
Mother and child enjoying the view.

Nature photo of the shoreline

Person left  rotten food in plastic bag. notice apple  at near center.

rotten food dumped.notice apple at near center

Close up of the rotten food that was left. notice apple top left

Cigarette butts dumped in the street.

Bag of garbage about to go into the city container.

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